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XPFC Correspondence with Fox... consists of two 1997 letters.

The first one was written by the founder of X-Philes for Christ asking for permission to the website to use X-Files official graphics on the site, citing Christianity as the impetus: "... as a Christian, a writer, and a fan, it would be not only disrespectful but wrong for me not to...." and "I decided that as a Christian, I couldn't do anything else, because not requesting your permission regarding these graphics would be stealing."

The second letter was a reply by David Oakes of FOX, and it contained "A STATEMENT FROM FOX REGARDING FAN WEBSITES." It included these two statements: "We know true fans do not encourage inappropriate activities and respect the hard work of the many talented and imaginative people who make Fox's programs unique. Fox appreciates the support of all fans in protecting its creative rights and proprietary interests." And "In response to erroneous rumors circulating on some internet websites, Fox wishes to assure fans of "THE X-FILES", "MILLENNIUM" and "THE SIMPSONS" that it is not Fox's intention to shut down bona fide websites created by fans devoted to these programs."

Both letters were in response to the 1996 X-Files cease and desist controversies.

X-Philes for Christ posted both letters to its website sometime shortly after February 1997. See: XPFC Correspondence with Fox..., Archived version