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Name: X-Philes For Christ
Date(s): April 1997 (first site), 2001-2003 (last update)/2006 (last Wayback link) (second site)
Archivist: Julie L. Jekel (first site), Kelly and Leah (second site)
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: http://www.xpfc.org/fanfic.php (Wayback)
X-Philes for Christ--John 14:6, Archived version
X-Philes for Christ.jpg
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X-Philes For Christ is the archive of the XPFC mailing list, a Christian e-mail group for fans of The X-Files.

The archive contains fanfic written by XPFCers as well as faith related fic. As a Christian group, XPFC has agreed not to archive any R or NC-17 rated fanfic. A link to the fiction is here: XPFC Members' Fanfiction, Archived version.

[1997: Here are Julie L. Jekel's comments about the X-Philes for Christ Fan Fiction page and FanFic archive:

"XPFC is a mailing list and prayer group for Christian X-Philes, a place where people of like minds can come together in a guaranteed non-hostile environment to share and care about each other, not to mention chat about our beloved show. :-) Not unlike the purpose XF-Romantics serves for 'Shippers. But when I say 'like minds' I only mean our common faith and fandom--beyond that, we are a group of very different people, with all sorts of theology, politics and views on the MS relationship. But it's a circle of friends with a common bond strong enough to bridge those differences.

"So what's specialized about the XPFC fanfic archive? Well, mainly just that the stories are all written by our members, which means that all of them are by Christian X-Philes. But that doesn't mean that they're all about M&S; 'getting religion' by any means. (In fact, I don't think that description fits ANY of them at present. :-) ) What it does mean is that the tone of the stories will at least subtley reflect the personal beliefs of the authors while still remaining true to the spirit of the series, a feat which isn't as difficult as it may sound. :-) Other than that, there is an incredible variety, since we have both Romantics and Friendshippers on the list. And it can safely be said that everything on here is at least entertaining, often moving and thought-provoking. Rest assured, the archive is not meant to convert, only to share with you who we are, and what it means to be both a Christian AND an X-Phile." [1]

Frequently Asked Questions about XPFC


What is XPFC?

XPFC is X-Philes for Christ, a Christian e-mail group for fans of The X-Files. We post prayer requests and praises, and discuss just about anything. From the latest episode of X-Files to the roles of women in church. From public education to personal testimonies. Nothing is off-topic. Each discussion is open for all to comment without fear of judgment. We truly value the atmosphere of Christian love and fellowship with one another on XPFC.


Does joining XPFC cost anything?

Absolutely not! Joining is free and open to all denominations of Christians who wish to share their love of God and the X-Files.


Do I have to join the e-mail list to join XPFC?

Although it is best to join the list, you do not need to join the e-mail list to be an XPFC member.

I have a prayer request that I would like XPFC to pray for. To whom do I forward my request?

Any member on the list can post a request. Each week a compiled list of all prayer requests posted is also sent out to the list. The request will remain on the list for two weeks after the last update given to the person in charge of the list. If you are not a member, please send your request to Jodi and she'll be happy to forward it to the rest of the list.

How many people are in XPFC?

There are currently around 80 members in XPFC who are subscribed to the e-mail list. The number varies by 5-10 people at any given time due to personal problems with e-mail accounts, travel and other factors.

Does XPFC have any fanfiction?

Yes! Many of our members write fanfiction in their spare time. Although we have by popular vote already agreed not to link any "R" or "NC-17" rated member or non-member authored fanfic on this site, we gladly link fanfic written by our members on our fanfiction page.

Does XPFC have any faith related fanfiction?

Yes! Many members have tried to address faith in their fiction. Look for the cross of faith beside thier stories. In the future we hope eventually have a faith archive for all faith related X-Files fanfiction but that is currently a long-term goal.

Have any members of XPFC met in real life?

Yes! Members have met at X-Phests as well as smaller gatherings of one or two people. When an XPFC'er is traveling, she will often try to meet as many other members as possible!

What exactly is an X-Phest?

An X-Phest is a real life gathering of XPFC members. Most X-Phests are planned weeks in advance, and all members are invited to attend. X-Phests have been held across the US in Los Angeles, Philidelphia, Kansas City, Atlanta, and San Francisco. We've even had a few Phests take place in Australia!

Can I use XF graphics from this site?

Since this is a Christian group, we decided it was important to make our website as legal as possible. That prompted one of our founders to write FOX requesting official permission to use certain graphics pertaining to The X-Files. Here is the correspondence.

Therefore, for the sake of honesty, we would ask that anyone visiting this site not download any of the FOX-owned images here EXCEPT for personal, off-line use. That was the condition under which we requested, and we believe received, permission to use them.[2]