X-Men: The Movie Slash Archive

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Name: X-Men: The Movie Slash Archive
Date(s): 2000 - April 2005 (last update)
Type: slash
Fandom: X-Men
URL: http://www.ktnb.net/xmovieslash/
(defunct) http://www.dymphna.net/xmovieslash/ (Wayback)
X-Men-The Movie Slash Archive.png
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X-Men: The Movie Slash Archive is an archive for X-Men Movieverse slash. It's the archive of the x-movieslash mailing list.[1]

The main page includes a definition of slash. It is "defined as a genre of fanfiction involving a homoerotic/ homoromantic/ homosexual relationship between two characters. Therefore, all fiction is intended for mature audiences only."

The stories are sorted by author and by title.


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