X-Files Institution for Relationshippers

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Name: X-Files Institution for Relationshippers
Owner/Maintainer: Kelly E. Youse
Dates: February 1996-?
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: X-Files Institution for Relationshippers, Archived version
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X-Files Institution for Relationshippers is an X-Files website for fans who are shippers.


Do you fall into a faint at the sight of a gratuituous tactile moment between Fox Mulder and Dana Scully? Do you find yourself watching tape after tape looking for every touch, every kind word, every stare? Do you sometimes feel alone in your belief that Mulder and Scully share a passionate love never before known to humankind? Are you looking for support in your longing for a more-than-professional relationship between Mulder and Scully? Well, you've come to the right place!! So, step in line, wait for your medication and the next available straight-jacket will be yours! In the meantime, visit our facilities that dedicate themselves to the most unresolved sexual tension on TV. . .and making sure you survive it without complete mental breakdown.


Fight the Future: Relationshipper's Retreat

"Long delayed, but finally here, the summer of 98's Fight the Future X-Files feature film brought significant advances in the Mulder/Scully relationship, besides some teary-eyed and gaping 'shippers. Stop by for a relaxing retreat away from the hectic wait for the new season."

The Recreation Room

"Nothing to do? Bored beyond belief? Looking for something fun to do? My suggestion is that you turn off your computer and take a vacation! But if you're absolutely desperate, you might find a little game or two relationshipper-style to occupy your mind."

What Are You Thinking?

"Find out what Relationshippers' favorite Season 5 episodes are!"

Dealing with Discrimination

"Have you been harrassed by non-shippers about your beliefs? If you've been flamed for being a 'shipper, are disillusioned about it and don't know how to handle it, seek answers here."

See below.

References and Referrals

"I figured it was about time the patients here were given permission to leave Institution grounds and explore... momentarily, that is! Nominate your X-Files page for inclusion in my upcoming links references."

  • References and Referrals for Relationshippers, Archived version ("I spend so much time perusing the 'net myself for great X-Files pages that I thought it might be a good idea to set up what is essentially a links page for, obviously, 'shipper friendly pages :) That's not saying I don't want to link to say, a solely David Duchovny page or a solely Gillian Anderson page, but I ask that the maintainers of these pages either accept the Mulder/Scully romance or at least welcome devoted 'shippers without their fearing attacks. To make it easy for me, if you'd like your page listed as a referral for Institution patients, fill out the form below. I also ask that you nominate your page ONLY if it's solely about X-Files (not just a mention of it on your personal page that may be otherwise devoted to say, your canary). But, come on folks, where are the David Duchovny pages???? : )")

Romantic Resolutions

"1999 could be an interesting year, based on what Mulder and Scully accomplished in 1998. Find out what did and didn't come true of shippers' wishes for last year, and submit your resolutions for 1999." Romantic Resolutions for 1999, Archived version (includes link to 1997 and 1998 resolutions)

Relationshipper Paranoiacs' Counselling Services

"Biting your fingernails, looking over your shoulder, FREAKING OUT about the future of Mulder and Scully?? Get some counselling and learn more about the rumors following 'shippers. WARNING: because it deals with rumors, this section may contain spoilers for upcoming episodes."

Moments in History Ward

"Hypnotically regress into Mulder's and Scully's past moments of pure emotion, pure concern, pure love. . .episode guides for the true romantic."

Romance Rehabilitative Clinic

"Did TFWID get you down? If so, or if you're simply experiencing hopelessness about the state of our heroes' relationship, pass through rehab so you can feel a little better."

Learn to Better Define Yourself

"Have you ever wondered what UST is or where to find IMBS? Your confusion can be cured quite easily with a visit to the definition clinic where those abbreviations, acronyms, and other odd words are explained."

Visual Stimulation Therapy

"Visit this area of the Institution dedicated to satisfying all your visual needs. Here you will find a collection of images featuring Mulder & Scully in some of their finest relationshippy poses--think of them as downloadable medication for the eyes!"

Romantic Moment of the Week Clinic

"Stop by each week for updates on current moments in Mulder's and Scully's relationship that stand as proof of their undying love."

Talk It Out

"For those moments of mental anguish, and extensive periods of no emotions expressed between Mulder and Scully, refresh yourself with words of compassion, love, and suggestiveness from the past."

Therapy for the Mulder and Scully Love Deprived

An area for those absolutely in need of an immediate Mulder and Scully romance. . .if you can't find it on X-Files, then check out some fanfic, where things can get --ahem-- quite interesting.

"Dealing with Discrimination"

You're cornered and different from everyone else. The only 'shipper in a room full of Naxis. You have nowhere to turn, nowhere to hide, and soon you find yourself at the end of a long line of flame-throwers. What do you do? Seek immediate help! Perhaps you'll find some here. . .

After any form of discrimination, you need to reassure yourself of your faith and belief in Mulder and Scully's relationship. For some, this reassurance may come instantly from within themselves, but others who find themselves growing highly emotional and feel their beliefs may have been shaken by the attack, there are steps to take to bring yourself back to 'shipperdom. Some suggestions are:

  1. 1. read a favorite M/S romance fanfic
  2. 2. watch a favorite shippy episode; if too distraught to choose one, some of the following are excellent views: Pilot, Squeeze, One Breath, Pusher, Memento Mori
  3. 3. take another look at the infamous Rolling Stone cover (or other shippy images)
  4. 4. chant to yourself, "I want to believe. . .in a Mulder/Scully relationship"

What to do after an e-mail attack:

Depending on the degree of the attack, from mild to heartshaking, one should always counter-respond, but not defensively.

For the short-written, one-email attacker, a short simple note is good. For example, a response could be "Thanks for writing. I watch X-Files the way I do because that's how I like it. I'll leave you alone if you do the same for me. Sound fair?" Always sign your note, as many attackers tend not to. Signing shows class and the need to let people know who you are.

For the "you have no life" attackers, a short response also works. Try "Thanks for writing. It's good to know your life is so developed that you have the time to tell others they have none. Can I have your secret?" Or, the following might work: "You think I needed you to tell me I have no life?" Sarcasm is much better than explaining your shipper beliefs to those who don't care.

For the attackers who feel the need to explain that Mulder, Scully and X-Files aren't real, humor is an excellent alternative to defensive writing. You might try something like "You mean Mulder and Scully aren't real people? Are you sure? I swore I met them once just after the EBEs dropped me back from the mothership." For those of you who up until this second believed Mulder and Scully were real people, sorry to have burst your bubble ;)

What to do after an online attack:

Online, chat room attacks are more difficult to handle because of their instant quality. You may find yourself cornered by a group of anti-shippers, unable to escape. Your safest bet is to get the hell out of there and seek out a 'shipper-friendly room. But if you're feeling brave, imagine all the anti-shippers as Marita Covarrubias--I'm sure you'll figure out what to do then ;)

Words to live by

or, reassurances that Mulder and Scully belong together. . .

  1. 1. if Scully were a man, that hug in Memento Mori would have certainly caused talk in the Bureau
  2. 2. publicity photographers seem to see the same thing in M & S that we do
  3. 3. just how many people would you let examine you for mosquito bites in your underwear?
  4. 4. barbeque sauce, snowball cupcakes, long necklaces, iced tea, glasses
  5. 5. conversations in cars, on rocks, on benches, on telephones

Fan Comments

When I feel particularly disillusioned about what the writers/actors are doing regarding Shippy moments, I turn to The X-Files Institution for Relationshippers and go to the "Romantic Moment of the Week Clinic," because Kelly Youse always manages to find the shippiness in almost every episode. So having had some therapy in regard to Arcadia, I feel that I can proceed with my thoughts with a better overall feeling. [1]

I love this site. Set up like a mental institution, for all us crazy 'Shippers. Visit the moments in history ward, or discuss "dealing with discrimination," or visit the "visual stimulation" page for some great pics. [2]

This site deconstructs every leer and aside like it's a libidinal volcano. [3]