Wrightsville: Long Ago and Far Away

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Title: Wrightsville: Long Ago and Far Away
Author(s): Laura Mason
Date(s): 2007
Length: ~55K words
Genre: crossover
Fandom: Mary Renault, Ellery Queen
External Links: "Wrightsville"
"Shadows in the Dark"

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Wrightsville: Long Ago and Far Away is a crossover novel by Laura Mason based on Ellery Queen's series of mysteries starring their eponymous detective, Ellery Queen, and Mary Renault's 1953 novel The Charioteer. The story is set some time after the war when Laurie Odell and Ralph Lanyon (from The Charioteer) have moved to the United States and settled in Wrightsville (a fictional American town in the Ellery Queen mysteries).


Shortly after the war, Laurie is hired as an assistant professor in the Classics Department at Merrimac University in Wrightsville, and moves to America with Ralph. When a murder occurs, they become suspects. However, Ellery Queen, the mystery novelist, is once again in Wrightsville and investigates the crime.


"Wrightsville: Long Ago and Far Away" was written for NaNoWriMo in 2006, and beta-read by hanarobi. It was posted in multiple parts on a daily basis.

While the story was still being posted, it was recced in mysid's personal journal on LiveJournal.[1]



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