Wormhole (Farscape mailing list)

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Mailing List
Name: Wormhole
Date(s): Mar 05, 2002-
Moderators/List Maintainers: Cofax and Fialka
Fandom: Farscape
URL: Wayback link
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Wormhole was a Farscape mailing list created in 2002 by Cofax and Fialka. It had about 135 subscribers.

The Wormhole -- a Farscape analysis list (The Wormhole)

Purpose: The Wormhole has been created to connect the very disparate corners of the Farscape universe. It is open to anyone over 18, but only listmembers will have access to the archives, so if you want to know what we're talking about, you'll have to jump in your ship and join us.

The rules are few:

1) We encourage you to cross-post analysis from your blogs, the boards, and other lists, but please do not cross-post other people's responses or forward listposts without the author's permission.

2)Discuss, debate, declaim all you wish, but leave your pulse pistols at the door. Verbal violence will not be allowed.

3)Remember half this fandom is generally out-of-sync with the other so please be very, very careful to label all discussion of eps that haven't aired in both places as spoilers.

That's about it. Come in, we promise you will emerge...somewhere.

Your list mods,

cofax and Fialka