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Name: World of X, WoX
Date(s): 1995 - present
Archivist: XFilerN, Steffi R.
Founder: XFilerN, Steffi R.
Type: Fan Fiction Archive
Fandom: The X-Files
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World of X (also known in the German-speaking Philedom as WoX) is one of the oldest still active fan fiction archives that offers X-Files fanfiction in German. At the beginning it was operated under the Url by XFilerN and Steffi R., later it was maintained by XFilerN allone.

The archive is an exclusive archive, but the works may also be published on the author's author pages.

Fanwork Challenges were held regularly in the early years.

It's noteworthy that archive very early used PHP scripts, at a time when most pages were built as static HTML pages. After sign-up, each author can upload/submit their story by themselves. RPF Stories are not allowed.

Similar to Archive of Our Own, fan fiction may be downloaded in ePub format to read them on mobile devices and e-book readers.


WoX was created on February 15 2001 (the creation date was later given on the WoX history page as January 2000). The current page lists February 2000 as the creation date.

At the beginning "WoX", was an X-Files fan page, which also included an episode guide, a picture gallery, fan vid s and a Message Board. For copyright reasons, all other content except fan fiction was later removed.

In March 2002, the page had over 100,000 views.[1] From November 2002, the archive was operated by Steffi R.

Over the years, there have been many layout changes. The 2018 version of the site offers three different skins.

The archive was very MSR heavy from the beginning, in June 2008 of the 903 works listed were 510 MSR stories.[2]

As of 2017, 1075 stories were written by 271 authors. The site itself has written 354 members 173 Reviews for stories.[3]

WoX also features one of the largest collections of Doggett/Reyes stories in German.[4]

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