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Synonyms: WONPOCALYPSE, Wonho Apocalypse
Date Started: February 2, 2020
See Also: Mishapocalypse
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Wonpocalypse was a Twitter hashtag, trend, and meme featuring Wonho from MONSTA X. K-pop Stan Twitter accounts changed their icons to picture of Wonho, used the hashtag, and changed their names to variations of "Monsta X Wonho". The image used as the icon was the last selca that Wonho shared on MONSTA X’s Twitter account.[1]

Wonpocalypse alludes to Mishapocalypse, a similar trend featuring Misha Collins that took place on Tumblr for April Fools' Day, 2013.

The event was organized in order to show MONSTA X stans' widespread support for Wonho being reinstated in his group. Wonho left the group in November 2019 after rumors and accusations against him of bad behavior. Many #Wonpocalypse tweets were addressed to Monsta X's label, Starship Entertainment.

The hashtag trended worldwide. The event followed other hashtags such as "#MonbebeAreStillHere" on January 28.


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