Wishful Thinking

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Title: Wishful Thinking
Creator: Corn_Child
Date: Before November 2005
Format: AVI, WMV
Length: 4:24
Music: "Wishful Thinking" by Duncan Sheik
Fandom: Buffy
URL: archived here
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Wishful Thinking is a Buffy fanvid by Corn_Child. It was reviewed on November 12, 2005 by bloodypoetry on the reel LJ community.


  • "This video gave me chill bumps. In a serious way. My first impression was basically an incoherant 'Wow'. This is the kind of vid I leave weird, bubbly fangirl feedback for that breaks down to 'You rock, do more!' This video isn't an AU video where Xander and Buffy are so in luv. It's about their canon relationship from Xander's point of view. To me, the vidder isn't trying to 'sell' anything here."[1]