Wish I Could

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Title: Wish I Could
Creator: Yusagi (aka darkbunnyrabbit)
Date: 2007?
Format: online
Length: 3:21 minutes
Music: One in a Million, Backstreet Boys
Fandom: Doctor Who
URL: Youtube streaming

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Wish I Could is a Doctor Who fanvid by Yusagi (aka darkbunnyrabbit). Unlike the majority of Doctor Who vids, this vid focuses on Wilfred, an older male companion. The vid was reviewed by rae1013 on June 1, 2009 at the reel.

Vidder's summary: "Wilfred POV - After Journey's End, Wilf is torn and tormented, watching Donna struggle to live an empty life, when he's seen how wonderful she can be. It's only worsened when she has nightmares she can't remember, and tells him on occasion of silly daydreams she has. Wilfred wishes he could just tell her to try and become a better person like she was--tell her that she *had* been a better person, but he can't bring himself to, after the Doctor's warning. One day, though...one day he promises himself, he will tell her. It doesn't make the waiting any better."


  • " An original idea that never gets a chance to shine due to technical flaws and a poorly edited musical selection....I really like the story here. I really enjoyed Donna's relationship with Wilfred. It's nice to see it recognized." ~ feedback at the reel review.