Winterfest Interview with Candlelight Creations

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Winterfest Interview with Candlelight Creations
Interviewer: Winterfest
Interviewee: Candlelight Creations
Date(s): 2009
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Beauty and the Beast
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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In 2009, Candlelight Creations was interviewed for Winterfest.

Some Excerpts

The idea of an impossible love overcoming all odds is very appealing to me. Throw in a little fantasy, incredible characters and situations and I’m lost. I am not sure it was a “need” to express myself. It was more of a curiosity. Could I make a BATB video that captured some part of the magic of the show?
My first attempt with video was with BATB. I started with simple slideshows and developed my limited skills from there....I am self taught and follow my instincts. I studied literally hundreds of videos on the web and learned what I liked and what I didn’t, what worked and what didn’t, IMHO. There were a couple of vidders in another fandom that really influenced me and were extremely kind and helpful. All the artists in BATB fandom have been so generous letting me use their wonderful artwork in some of my creations.
Let me just say that during 2005, 2006, and 2007, I lived and breathed videos. No matter the time or the place, including the wee hours of the morning, I was either listening to music with an ear to the lyrics, figuring out how I could tell a song’s tale, watching BATB episodes, searching for a certain clip I needed because I couldn’t remember which episode it was in, figuring out a new FX, (special effect) working on my computer putting the video and audio together….it was insane. Literally.
No, I wouldn’t say there is a particular subject that I prefer. Well, except for the man himself. It’s always fun to do a Vincent appreciation video. Each video has its own problems and they vary. I think the most frustrating thing is looking for a certain clip and having no idea where to find it in the 40 plus hours of BATB.
The amount of time it takes to make a video varies greatly. Probably the fastest was “Vincent A to Z”. That took maybe 10 hours or so. I’m not sure about the longest. I know I’ve spent over 200 hours on a few of them. (The curse of being a perfectionist.) “Oh Yeah”, “The Fear” and definitely my latest, "Descent."
I’ve only “met” fandom twice; once in Kansas City and once in LA for the 20th anniversary convention. Being an introvert extraordinaire, they were quite the experiences. I was more of an observer than a participator. I’ve been a fan of BATB since it first aired but didn’t become involved with fandom until I found it on line in 2000 or there abouts.
I did my best to make each one unique in some way.. I tried to portrayed love, pain, struggle, happiness, joy, humor and just plain silliness. I used a variety of music, techniques and FX. I was constantly looking for something new to bring to the videos.