Winterfest (Beauty and the Beast online celebration)

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Name: Winterfest
Date(s): 2004-present
Moderator: Wintercandlemakers Committee
Fandom: Beauty & the Beast
logo for the 2010 Winterfest
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Winterfest is a week long online celebration of fan fiction, poetry and artwork modeled after the winter festival on the TV show Beauty & the Beast. After the festival ends, all fan fiction an artwork are kept up for a period ot fime at which point they are permanently removed. The festival is held in early January, which is the birthday of Vincent one of the shows main characters.

The FAQ for the 2008 Winterfest can be found here. It explains the origins of the online festival: "The idea was born in 2003 in the brain of a European newbie who attended the "real" convention in San Francisco, and who wanted to share some of the same wonderful times she had there with the many B&B fans unable to attend a real con."

The opening ceremonies page to the 2008 Winterfest can be found here.

Helpers and tunnel dwellers descend the windy staircase. Vincent unbars the doors of the Great Hall while everyone looks on with great anticipation. He pushes the doors open and turns to Catherine.
"Can I lead you through the dark?"
"There is no darkness, Vincent, when you're with me," she replies, beaming.
Arm in arm, they lead the way into the Great Hall.[1]

Each section of the interactive website is named after a location in the underground Tunnels community beneath the City of New York where Vincent and Catherine met and fell in love.

  • Pipe Chamber (site updates and news)
  • The Helpers Nook (Sitemap, Fandom 101, Finding lost writers and artists)
  • William's Kitchen (Recipes and stories about the "Helpers")
  • Conversation Corner (Chat schedule, Guest book, map of Candles Across the World)
  • The Gallery (fanart)
  • The Game Nook (Crosswords, Beauty and the Beast sudoku and other online games)
  • The Amphitheater (songvids, songs, ring tones)
  • The Mirror Pool (memorial page to fans who have passed)
  • The Library (fanfiction)
  • Bathing Chambers (a notice about adult themed fiction and art)
  • Mouse's Chamber
  • Closing ceremony
screencap of the 2012 "Candles across the world map". For examples of messages that accompany each candle see the gallery below

One of the defining features of Winterfest is a global map where participants can 'light a candle'. The map showcases the global reach of the online Winterfest. Portions of the site are also offered in French, German Italian and Spanish.

Interviews Conducted for Winterfest

See Winterfest Interview Series.