William Shatner Enterprises

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Fan Club
Name: William Shatner Enterprises
Dates: founded in March 1974
Founder(s): Chris PS Jones
Leadership: Chris PS Jones (the PS stands for "Paradise Syndrome," her favorite Star Trek episode)
Country based in:
Focus: William Shatner, Star Trek
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William Shatner Enterprises was a fan club in England. It issued a 8-10 newsletter by the same name, one which included fiction, announcements, news and ads.

In 1976, it had 156 members.

Its function: "To honour William Shatner, the man and the actor, and to promote his name in England... This club is something we have needed in England for years, so now we have it... There is more to Star Trek than Leonard Nimoy and Spock. No-one should be so introverted that they don't realise the obvious talent of the other Star Trek actors." --from an announcement in STAG #7