William Brandt

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Name: William Brandt
Occupation: (IMF) Field Agent,
previously Analyst,
previously Protection Detail
Relationships: Ethan Hunt (team leader), Benji Dunn (teammate), Jane Carter (teammate)
Fandom: Mission Impossible
Other: Protrayed by Jeremy Renner
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William Brandt is a character from the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol fandom.



  • Six Degrees of Jeremy Renner - fanworks that reference previous roles for Jeremy Renner:
    • Crossovers with The Avengers/Thor (Clint Barton) tend to be the most common with Brandt. The two characters are usually either just look-alikes and are not related, others where they are related, or Brandt is Clint Barton undercover. This can and has been expanded to other Renner character roles.

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