William "Penny" Adiyodi

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Name: Penny Adiyodi
Occupation: Traveler (between worlds), telepath, librarian, teacher
Relationships: Kady Orloff-Diaz (girlfriend)

Julia Wicker (girlfriend of Penny 23)
Mischa Mayakovsky (professor)

Zelda Schiff, (Head Librarian and boss)
Fandom: The Magicians
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William “Penny” Adiyodi is one of the main characters in The Magicians novels and tv series. Penny is in the same class at Brakebills University as Quentin Coldwater; he is a telepath, and his Discipline is Traveler. This means he can travel to different places in the world, or different worlds, with a thought.

“Penny 23” is a version of Penny Adiyodi, from timeline 23, who is transposed into the current timeline during Season 3. This version of Penny is in love with Julia Wicker instead of Kady.


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