Wild Coyote

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Name: Wild Coyote: The Smallville Het Archive
Date(s): 2002-2008 (last update), remains open for viewing
Archivist: LJC
Founder: LJC and Hope
Type: Fan Fiction
Fandom: Smallville
URL: http://www.loony-archivist.com/coyote/
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Wild Coyote: The Smallville Het Archive is a Smallville archive dedicated to het romantic pairings. It is a sister archive to the Smallville Slash Archive and Level Three Record Room. The archive uses Automated Archive Software.


Archive was launched by LJC and Hope in November 2002 using the Automated Archive software version 2.03. The last update was in 2008. As of September 2012, the archive's index links appear broken, although direct links to works are still working.

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