Wild, Beautiful and Damned

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Title: Wild, Beautiful and Damned
Author(s): Gemini
Date(s): 1995
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
External Links: online here

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Wild, Beautiful and Damned is a Blake's 7 story by Gemini. It was the winner of a 1995 STIFfie Award.

It was published in Fire and Ice #3.

Reactions and Reviews

Stiffie winner for best B7 story 1996 - Avon and Blake trip over the local customs when they visit the planetof Akhaia. They didn't realise that partner swopping with your host included men and what's more, Avon has no intention of sleeping with anyone.[1]

as this one is online, i'd read it already. disappointing, as feels like throwing money away, somewhat, even if there are other fics within the zine that i hadn't read (and there are, and good fics).

anyway - i skimmed it quickly while writing this post, so i could remember what i felt about it and... i feel... ok about it. i don't think it deserves an award, the voices aren't perfect and blake is a bit wet (shrinking virgin with halil and desperately romance-novel in love with avon/rapey. boo). that said, the sex is quite hot (if that is what the stiffies are for then maybe that is ok) although a bit too hate sex for me.

but it does have something, for definite. halil is a good character and the fact that he's warm and nice is an interesting spin on the typical sex-slaver business - as is the fact that he's able to comment lucidly on the blake/avon relationship, and that he both sympathises with blake and is willing not to sleep with him, even though they've agreed that blake is going to do it for rebel cause reasons, and is willing to sleep with avon, even though he knows it will hurt blake, because he wants to and he thinks avon needs it. so, yes, i find large parts of this fic interesting - plus, i like the fake relationship/fake slave plot (although they only flirt towards it this time. fortunately, we have plenty more fics in this zine to go - and plenty more of them will embrace these tropes more fully).[2]


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