Wicked Grace Project

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Fan Art
Title: Wicked Grace Project
Date(s): 2015
First Published: 2015
Medium: digital
Genre/Style: gen
Fandom: Dragon Age
External Links: Tumblr
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The Wicked Grace Project is a fanart project organized by rihouston in the Dragon Age fandom to recreate a deck of Wicked Grace cards the characters play with in the canon. The card templates were created by reellifejaneway2, other artists included in the project were rihouston, therealmcgee, greendelle, moriesartworks, and sephirona.


I was one of 7 artists who took part in creating five suits of cards for a one-of-a-kind Wicked Grace deck - an original and unusual birthday gift project for the fabulous Greg Ellis. 52 individually painted designs for 52 cards. Also, every card has a balancing ‘opposite’ card. [...] Each card has a different symbolisation, and a character from Dragon Age to match.reellifejaneway2