Why are you my remedy?

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Title: Bruce & Betty - Why are you my remedy?
Creator: sheryloh
Date: 21 May 2013
Format: digital vid
Length: 2:08 min
Music: Sam Tsui and Kurt Scaneider
Genre: het
Fandom: The Incredible Hulk, MCU
Footage: The Incredible Hulk
URL: Why are you my remedy? (YouTube)

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Why are you my remedy? is a fan vid by sheryloh for the pairing Betty Ross and Bruce Banner from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It features clips solely from The Incredible Hulk film even with The Avengers (2012) clips available.

As of August 2, 2013, the video has more than 2,100 views.

Vidder's notes

" 'Cause you are the piece of me I wish I didn't need.
I just really really wanted to use this cover, and their relationship fits it so well *__* I think the last time I properly vidded this fandom was 2 years ago too[1], so it feels about time. Hope you all enjoy! :)"


This is so beautiful. <3 My Bruce and Betty feels~ Mainly Bruce, but still lol[1]
beautiful tribute to their relationship. <3[2]
For somes reasons, I don't like mister Norton. But hell how close to Banner I feel. Amazing video, amazingly beautiful coloring, and timing and music choice![3]


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