Why Star Trek? A 1984 Interview with Chris Bignell

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Title: Why Star Trek? A 1984 Interview with Chris Bignell
Interviewer: Jennie Watkins
Interviewee: Chris Bignell
Date(s): November 1984
Medium: print
Fandom(s): Star Trek: TOS
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Why Star Trek? A 1984 Interview with Chris Bignell was an interview in Beta-Niobe in November 1984.


Q. Why is Chekov your favourite character?

A. Oh dear, well, I suppose all of us are attracted to different people for one reason or another, but Chekov to me has that really human characteristic, his traits come out in various situations, the obvious expressions of relief when danger is over, his fear when they are not, the shared jokes with Sulu. Maybe his insistence for regulations, and oh yes, his embarrassment which can be glimpsed in a few episodes and of course, he is good looking.

Q. What makes ST so important to you?

A.ST contains everything, covers all types of people, has emotion, action, humour and so on, I feel that it is something you either love or hate and I love it. But I do feel that without Spock ST won't be the same.

Q. What were your first impressions of ST?

A. My first reaction was at last there was something worth watching on the box. It had been on quite a while before I saw it. I had seen odd bits but as soon as sat and watched an episode right through, I was well and truly hooked. That episode was 'Arena'. When I saw the Enterprise that was the final straw.