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Title: why?
Creator: SweetAndBitterCherry
Date: 5 December 2015
Format: digital
Length: 5:12
Music: Instrumental
Genre: gen
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Footage: Buffy episode, "The Body"
URL: Youtube link
Video thumbnail

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why? is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer grief fanvid created by YouTube user SweetAndBitterCherry. It consists of scenes from the Season 6 episode "The Body". This episode is renowned by critics and fans as one of the most realistic depictions of grief shown on television, and by some it is considered one of the greatest episodes of television ever broadcast.

The fanvid includes several scenes from the episode, which are broken up by various shots of quotes on black backgrounds. Though the original episode includes no non-diegetic sound to show the harsh reality of grief, "why?" differs from the episode by including non-diegetic instrumental music.

Video description

I started this months ago and then I just thought it wasn't as I wanted it but today I just re-found it and I finished it.. my idea was completely different from this: I wanted to do a short video using a lot of sad scenes from a lot of movies & series (like an epic SAD multifandom or something like this.. but when I started with this I just.. i don't know.. I thought about this episode.. you know, this was maybe my favourite btvs episode, I know I can't really say this cause almost every btvs episode was just so epic & perfect but this one.. this is the kind of episode that makes you cry like 10000000000000 times every time you start watching it, it doesn't matter if you are watching it for the first time, if you watched it 4 years ago or if you watched it 5 minutes ago, it just makes you cry. It's not only the death of Joyce that makes you cry, it's the entire situation, the episode is so real, it describe perfectly what happens when you lose someone you love. and I think that Anya's speech is just so sad, deep and full of emotions, her voice gives goosebumps.... I love Anya, she was one of my fave 'cause she was a demon and then she becames human so she don't know how to act, she tried so hard to be a perfect human but she just can't cause she doesn't understand, so she always do these epic speech that you do not expect from a crazy/funny character like her but she does and then you reflect and you (at least I) think she was the one that at the end really understood what be human really means. well... these were just my thoughts flows..

btw I think you should really watch this video with headphones cause it whort it.. I mean the video is really simple I just added some words from my thoughts and some quotes and I just used the scenes of the episode without effects or things like that cause as I said before I think this episode is amazing and I wanted to use the scenes as they were so.. I hope you will like it anyway.. thanks you for your attention.. and sorry for my bad english..

love you guys xxx


Amazing episode - by far the most standout episode of Buddy, such a true to life and heartbreaking moment. Well done on putting this vid together, a subtle and touching vid x[1]
You SHOULDN'T have added ANY music to this clip. It completely loses the rawness that the actual episode had. That is why the episode is so gut wrenching, moments like these aren't 'cinematic', they are just crude. Thanks for posting the video anyway.[2]
I caught this episode last night on Syfy and It was truly one of the most moving pieces of television I've ever seen. I applaud the show creators for giving the episode a completely different atmosphere compared to every other episode on the show. The removal of the intro and all music was genius and it adds so much to the emotion of the episode. And some of the scenes here... Let's just say I've never cried so much in a long time. Death can be a complicated issue for some people to fully accept and this episode gives us a perfect example of that. Once again, God bless everyone who was a part of the episode. Moving onto the video though, I think you did a great job. I won't lie when I say that I ended up drowning in more tears in this than I did last night. The editing, the music, the transitions, they are all spectacular. This is an incredible tribute to an incredible episode. Good job on everything. Buffy fans such as myself love these types of videos, you did us a good deed by making this my friend.[3]
The Body is still one of the most compelling, heartbreaking and real episodes on tv. I remember watching this with my mom. So sad.[4]
your video its incredible. great job. this episode its truly heartbreaking.[6]


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