Who Was That Masked Man?

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Title: Who Was That Masked Man?
Publisher: Greycloud Press
Editor(s): Janet Ellicott
Type: credit zine
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
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Who Was That Masked Man? is a resource zine created by Janet Ellicott.

Most of the issues are credit zines, created to give fans actor's credits for other roles before and after the show in question, as well as short bios.

From the compiler: "These were factual zines. I did several of the first, basically listing actors' credits for a show, but only did one of the second (which listed contact addresses, fan clubs etc.) They were both done before I had internet access and research was done in books and magazines. I stopped because they didn't sell very well." [1]

Issue 1

Who Was That Masked Man? 1 content is Star Trek: TNG.

cover of issue #2

Issue 2

Who Was That Masked Man? 2 content is Star Trek: TOS. It is undated and contains 48 pages (including adverts on back cover). Research by Janet and Judy Mortimore, with help from Lynn Campion and Carol Davies.

Listings for:

  • Majel Barrett
  • James Doohan
  • De Forest Kelly
  • Walter Koenig
  • Nichelle Nichols
  • Leonard Nimoy
  • William Shatner
  • George Takei
  • Grace Lee Whitney

Issue 3

Who Was That Masked Man? 3 content is Blake's 7. It was published in October 1992 and contains 24 pages.

Issue 4

Who Was That Masked Man? 4 content is Doctor Who.

  • includes the Doctors up to Sylvester McCoy

Issue 5

Who Was That Masked Man? 5 content is Quantum Leap.

Issue 6

Who Was That Masked Man? 6 content is Planet of the Apes and contains 17 pages.

Issue 7

Who Was That Masked Man? 7

Issue 8

Who Was That Masked Man? 8 content is Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

Issue 9

Who Was That Masked Man? 9 content is Star Trek: Voyager.

Issue 10

Who Was That Masked Man? 10 content is The X Files Season 1.

Issue 11

Who Was That Masked Man? 11 content is seaQuest DSV Season 1 main and guest cast credits, and season 2 main cast.

Special Edition 1: Where Does That Masked Man Live?

Where Does That Masked Man Live? is an undated 24-page comprehensive listing of fanclubs, fanzines (mostly in the UK), contact and agents' addresses for a great many stars, tv shows and films.

cover of "Special Edition 1: Where Does That Masked Man Live? "
From the zine:

The two questions I get asked most often are "where can I wrote to so and so?" and "is there any fandom?". This list is nowhere near complete but it is a start. I can't vouch for any of the addresses one hundred per cent. Actors change agents, tv companies lose their franchises, and fan clubs change hands or close down altogether. But the list is as up-to-date as it was possible to make it, bearing in mind that many of the magazines and newsletters I got my information from are often printed months after information is sent to them. For anyone who wants to know why there are only addresses in here, the answer is space. I did have more information on a lot of the addresses, such as prices, publication dates etc, but the idiole Idea of "Who Was that Masked Man" is to provide a starting point, not an exhaustive list.

If you want more information, I suggest you subscribe to an adzine suchas my "Adzine". Since my policy is only to print ads which are submitted for publications. It's as up-to-date as any adzine can be, and also gives subs, prices, availability etc. where such information is given to me.

Enjoy this zine, and do let me know if anyone I've listed falls to reply, or any letters are returned marked "Gone Away". That will be invaluable if I decide to do another edition. Please also let me know any addresses I've missed.


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