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Newsletter Community
Name: Who Daily
Date(s): December 2005 to present
Moderator: beathen, beck_liz, psubrat, shinyjenni, merryghoul, __kali__
Founder: themonkeycabal
Fandom: Doctor Who
URL: Who Daily

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Who Daily is a fandom LiveJournal newsletter focusing on Doctor Who-related topics and discussions. Like its sister newsletters, Torchwood Three and the now defunct Sonic Lipstick, the newsletter links to:

  • off LiveJournal news, mostly from Doctor Who News, Whoogle, and Blogtor Who
  • news from communities and other challenges
  • LiveJournal discussion and miscellany
  • fanfiction (complete works, works in progress and crossovers)
  • icons and graphics
  • fanart
  • vids
  • other fannish works

Since January 2016, the newsletter mostly publishes editions every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Prior to 2014, the newsletter formerly put out daily editions.