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Newsletter Community
Name: Torchwood Three
Date(s): November 2006 to present
Moderator: beathen, beck_liz, cs_whitewolf, dave7, scarlettgirl, themonkeycabal
Founder: themonkeycabal
Fandom: Torchwood
URL: Torchwood Three

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Torchwood Three is a tri-weekly fandom LiveJournal newsletter focusing on Torchwood-related topics and discussions. Like its sister newsletters, Who Daily and the now defunct Sonic Lipstick, the newsletter links to:

  • off LiveJournal news, usually from Google
  • news from communities and other challenges
  • LiveJournal discussion and miscellany
  • fanfiction (complete works, works in progress and crossovers)
  • icons and graphics
  • fanart
  • vids

Since January 2012, the newsletter publishes editions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends. Prior to January 2012, the newsletter formerly put out daily editions. As of November 2012, it remains active.