White Collar Crime

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Title: White Collar Crime
Author(s): Tara Marie
Date(s): March 8, 2014-October 10, 2015
Length: 53k words
Genre: drama
Fandom: Hanson
External Links: https://archiveofourown.org/works/4457237

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White Collar Crime is a Hanson fanfic by Tara Marie. It was written in 2014/15, and although it never quite veers into incest territory, the bond between Isaac and Taylor is central to the story.

From the author's summary:

When Taylor is arrested for embezzlement, Isaac's world spirals into utter chaos. Taylor is thrust into the general prison population, where he is the object of unwanted attention. Meanwhile, Zac allows his anger at Taylor's betrayal to take him down a dangerous path. Isaac is torn between his brothers as he fights to keep his family together.

Reactions and Reviews

Although the title White Collar Crime evokes Zac’s tongue in cheek song, this is not a comedy, except perhaps a few moments of black humor. The story begins with the shocking revelation that Taylor has embezzled money from his and his brothers’ label. It isn’t a courtroom thriller, though, but Tara does handle the legal details well. Equally well handled are the prison details, which are infuriating for someone like me who hates mindless bureaucracy and authority. Still, it’s clear that Tara has done her research and I find myself suffering right along with Taylor as he’s thrown into a world and hierarchy that he doesn’t understand.

Unlike many hanfics, White Collar Crime is also not a romance. Though the bond between Taylor and Isaac is strong, it never turns into that kind of bond. His marriage to Natalie is actually the catalyst for the entire plot, but she’s sadly a little bit of a one note villain. Compared to the other characters, who all play interesting roles in Taylor’s tragedy, she has little to no depth.[1]

I liked how Tara wrote the boys brotherly bonds, something that most fics don’t really do because they show too much romance. Which White Collar Crime while having Taylor married to Natalie really didn’t have much romance though sometimes maybe it bordered on something a little more with Taylor and Isaac without going all the way there.

I’m not sure how I felt about the prison stuff. Some stuff was down right sad while other things kind of made me laugh and I almost considered labeling this a Black Comedy because of that but I’m not sure Tara intended for it to go that way at times but it did.

I’m also not sure how I felt on Natalie being the villain especially when her motives for it didn’t seem properly explained and it just left me with a bad taste in my mouth because of that.[2]


White Collar Crime won awards in the Thieves and Liars Awards. It is featured in the PlaceToHide.net hall of fame.


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