Wherever You Will Go

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Title: Wherever You Will Go
Creator: abby_i
Date: December 2005
Music: 'Wherever You Will Go', The Calling
Fandom: Doctor Who
URL: offline (archived vid website)

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Wherever You Will Go is a Doctor Who Ten/Rose and Nine/Rose ship fanvid by abby_i. It was reviewed by milly on September 5, 2006 at the reel.


  • "A light and simple, but effective shipper vid, exploring the transition from the Ninth to the Tenth Doctor and how it affects his relationship with Rose, as told from Nine's point of view....The narrative, while it's clear and effective, might have benefited from going a bit deeper. An exemple of this would be over the line 'through the darkest of your days', which probably would have been even more emotional used within the storyline of 'Father's Day'. 'Up High' and 'down low' are bit too literal, with them on the roof, then them on the ground, but it doesn't really break the flow of the vid, so it's not a major problem, obviously. There are a few too many 'talky shots' for my own taste ('long' shots of people talking) and some scenes are held a bit too long over more than one line of lyrics, but the vid is good overall. 'Wherever You Will Go' is a very sweet shipper vid that doesn't seek to dig deeper in the Doctor/Rose relationship, but does the music choice justice. (It made the shipper in me go aww, and it held my interest, so I imagine that's a job well done)."[1]