Where No Woman Has Gone Before

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Journal Community
Name: Where No Woman Has Gone Before
Date(s): 2009-06-15 - present
Moderator: sainfoin_fields, igrockspock, peri_peteia, boosette and merisunshine36
Founder: sainfoin_fields
Type: Various fanworks - fanart, fanfic, vids, meta, etc.
Fandom: Star Trek, especially Star Trek Reboot.
URL: http://where-no-woman.livejournal.com

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Where No Woman Has Gone Before

Where No Woman Has Gone Before ("where no woman") is a community dedicated to "un-erasing the women of Star Trek." The community profile states that: "This is a community for fanwork dedicated to the women of Star Trek, particularly those of the 2009 film. Our ongoing mission: to seek out personalities not defined by their husbands and sons, to explore the lives lived only offscreen, to boldly go where all of these women should have gone before." The community credits this Open Letter to Winona Kirk as an inspiration. The profle further explains:

Be focused on women. Genfic, femslash, and het that centers on canonically female-identified characters are welcome. This includes readings of these characters as genderqueer, transgender, or any other non-binary gender identity. Shipfic, especially for lesser-written-about characters, is lovely as long as it offers some kind of character-based insight/development. Is your Spock/Uhura fic really about who Nyota is? Is Joanna just windowdressing for your Kirk/McCoy, or does she have a real relationship with them? Please take a moment to consider the comm's purpose when you make your decision to post. This community exists to broadcast voices not usually heard, not just serve as another stop on your crosspost list.
Be inclusive. Though the treatment of female characters in TOS/AOS catalyzed this comm, any woman who has appeared in any Star Trek is fair game. Yes, we're into your exploration of Seven's gender identity, and yes, we want to know more about Jennifer Sisko besides the fact that she died.

The comm accepts fanfiction, fanart, vids, meta and recs. It remains active as of 2012.