Where No Man

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You may be looking for Shatner: Where No Man..., a book.

Filk Album
Album Title: Where No Man
Producer: Off Centaur Publications
Date: 1987
Medium: cassette tape
Fandom: Star Trek
Performer(s): see list below; see also Kirstins Let's Filk About Homepage
External Links: on Youtube
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cover of the cassette tape, artist unknown

Where No Man is a filk album released by Off Centaur Publications in 1987.

Side A:

  • Call the Navigator
  • Fighting Lady
  • Harry's Dilemma
  • Border Patrol
  • Charlie
  • Demon in the Dark
  • Eternal Loser
  • Tell the Capetian
  • Heartsong
  • The Ballad of Transport 18
  • That's What Friends Are For

Side B:

  • Open Hailing Frequencies
  • The Thousandth Man
  • Sun of Vulcan
  • Gem
  • Security Strike
  • Companion
  • Bones
  • Iron Mistress
  • Fairwelll Mother Russia
  • The Last Mourner
  • Banned from Argo