Where No Fan Has Gone Before (Star Trek: TOS zine from 1975)

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Title: Where No Fan Has Gone Before
Publisher: fans in Maple Grove, MN
Date(s): July 1975
Medium: mimeo, print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover

Where No Fan Has Gone Before is a Star Trek: TOS newsletter. It was published by fans in Maple Grove, MN.

It was labeled #1, but there was likely one issue. It contains six pages and there is print only on one side.


  • some brief facts about the Enterprise and crew
  • trivia
  • a small cartoon featuring Harlan Ellison
  • the words to "Rim of Starlight," the theme to the show
  • article about how stardates work
  • info on how to obtain Star Trek phasers and such
  • info on Star Trek fan clubs