Where Have All the Playthings Gone?

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Where Have All the Playthings Gone?
Author(s): Alice Mills
Date(s): 1986
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Where Have All the Playthings Gone? is a Kirk/Spock story by Alice Mills.

It was first published in the print zine Act 5 #2.


"Trapped on Miri's planet without access to either the ship's computers or their communicators, the captain's condition worsens. Spock is forced to watch as Kirk's life drains away, and there is only one person who can help."

Reactions and Reviews

The first several pages of this story, based on the "Miri" episode, showed the great love and commitment between Kirk and Spock. A desperately ill Kirk first tells his bondmate not to touch him because he is contagious, but his Vulcan will not hear of it and answers with a deep kiss and an admonishment. "Never again tell me not to touch you. I can endure anything except that." I could just feel the loving emotions coining through. My only problem with the story came after their return to the Enterprise. I thought that the ending was too abrupt. I wanted to see K & S talking about Spock's problem rather than ending with McCoy on his way to Spock's cabin. It was almost like reading a separate story and I felt frustrated. But the author really showed, in great detail, the depth and feeling between K & S in a marvelous way. [1]
Set on Miri's planet, the story is written in three distinct parts. The first is a snapshot of how the landing party deals with the illness that is slowly killing them. Kirk especially is having a hard time because he's ordered Spock not to touch him, afraid of infecting his bondmate, but the separation is hurting Spock much more than any bacteria can. And what Kirk doesn't know is that, while Spock is not yet showing physical signs of the disease he is sick. Finally, with McCoy's help, Spock is able to get through to Kirk and they share a few moments peace together while resting in one of the small rooms of the medical building. The scene ends with both men asleep.

The second part is from Miri's pov and takes place right after Yeoman Rand is captured by the Onlies. At this point, the story veers from canon, with Miri returning to the lab by herself with the intentions of curing Kirk. She's in love with him and during her inner ramblings the reader learns that Miri is capable of murder, has murdered, when faced with the threat of losing something she considers hers. Rand has only been her latest victim. The third part of the story is in the form of an epilogue. Kirk and company are back on the ship, cured of the disease. But all is not right with the world, for when Miri entered Kirk's room and found him and Spock in an embrace her intentions changed from curing to killing. Waking up, Spock instinctively pushes her away, seriously injuring her. He now carries a burden of guilt over it. The story ends with McCoy, medical supplies in hand (including alcohol,) planning on visiting Spock and helping him deal with his feelings. I'm not sure I buy such an ending. Getting Spock drunk and having a party isn't exactly how I see the good doctor dealing with Spock's emotional trauma. But I do think the story gave a more realistic take on the children, especially Miri. While I don't necessarily see her as a murderer, I do think there would have been more emotional and mental trauma from the collapse of their civilization, the death of their parents and then three hundred years of living in constant danger as the older children entered puberty and got sick.

All in all, I found the story an entertaining and enjoyable reading experience. [2]


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