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Synonyms: 'where is it?' 'fan entitlement'
See also: speedsubs, speedscans
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Where? is shorthand for Where is, often used at the end of a sentence instead of the beginning. For example, 'Episode 9 where?'

'Where?' has become an in-joke among fansubbers and scanlators, who often receive questions about when they will release the next installment of a series or begin releasing a series they have announced they will pick up. While some fansubbers become quite annoyed with leechers who ask these questions[1], others treat the questions more humorously[2].

Since most groups release with links to torrents or downloads, the link acts as a location, and the usual 'when' is disgarded in favor of the assumption that the item has been finished and released, but either the group hasn't publicized it or the leecher can't find it. In most cases, the former is not true.


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