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Synonyms: speed sub
See also: speedscans, fansub
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Speedsubs are fansubs, ie fannish subtitles, which are produced and distributed very soon after an episode airs in its original country, usually within 1-2 days, or even as short as 12 hours. Some speedsubs are considered poor quality as a result.[1] However, a few speedsub groups, such as Eclipse, produce work that is considered high quality.[2]

Speedsubs became more common at the tail end of the original burst of digital fansubs, around 2003-2004. As some groups who were working on long series fell prey to delays, demand grew for faster releases.[3] Today, speedsubs and quality subs are not necessarily distinct categories, and they may or may not compete for the same audience of a show.

Speedsubbing groups and ripping groups are not the same, though their release speeds may be comparable in some cases.


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