When Universes Collide

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Date(s): around 1978
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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When Universes Collide is a 5-page underground Star Trek: TOS story by Louisa M. Alcott, a pseud for an unknown author. The story was passed around fandom around 1978. It is a parody of many well-known Trek zines of the time: Epilogue, Kraith, the Sahaj series and Showcase.

first page

One indignant fan, who followed this statement with many other extremely excitable scoldings about cons and fannish bad manners, had this to say about the story:

There is currently being disseminated within Fandom a raunchy attempt at parody entitled, 'When Universes Collide,' written by someone with no talent and even less imagination. It makes no effort to be literature, but is an out-and-out slam... The humor is extremely low level (one needs a Retch Bag handy when reading) and panders to an extremely jaded sense of humor. What makes this so bad is the author doesn't even have the courage to claim it, but uses the name 'Louisa M. Alcott.' I do not know who the gutless wonder is who perpetrated this, but I do know that the editors of the zines this story slams are courageous enough to attach their names to any derogatory statements or criticism they make. They do not anonymously circulate such a piece of garbage. The story is nothing but a cheap shot by a very jealous person, and I think it's a real shame that a fan could sink so low. Perhaps it is intended as a joke, but it isn't funny. It's sick. It's pathetic, and so is the author. If any of you would like to judge this piece of smut for yourselves, send me an SASE with two stamps, and I'll be happy to send you a Xerox copy. [1]


  1. from Interstat 12 (1978)