When Dreams Come True

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: When Dreams Come True
Author(s): Pamela Rose
Date(s): 1981
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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When Dreams Come True is a K/S story by Pamela Rose. It has a sequel called Second Chance.

It was published in the print zine Out of Bounds.


"A/U: Spock's jealousy of Kirk's former lovers causes him to go through the Guardian to become Kirk's first love."

Reactions and Reviews


... an 'alternative universe' form.. 'When Dreams Come"True' by Pamela Rose has Spock getting his wish to be the first sexual encounter of the young Kirk...


Overall, I recommend this zine. The stories are of a high standard, it's basically a fun-read. However, and it's a big however -- I do have strong doubts about the subject matter of some of the stories. 'When Dreams Come True' and 'Alterations' have K/S sex with, a younger Kirk of the past. If this ia a trend from which K/S is going to develop I am very dubious for the future. The theme could become sickening if continued. [1]


The very first story of the first zine (title? Spock goes back in time to make Kirk have him as his first lover and fucks up their whole universe) has stayed with me for years. The format had a lot in common with Manacles/Oblique zines: little or no art, no poetry, high quality printing. It was before easy two-column printing had hit most of us, but there was very little waste. The series was helped by the huge quantity of Pam Rose stories; she has been good for a long time! Her Out of Bounds, Old Friend is one of the first novels I gave someone who 'just doesn't believe the premise' for a long time. Lots of other good stories too, and just (if not *more*) important, not many bad stories. [2]


Finally got my hands on this 1981 zine thanks to Bill Hupe. (Send for his used zine list. There's some great, hard-to-get zines on it. I had been looking for it for a long time. It's very interesting to look back now and see how K/S was written back at 'the time of the beginning'. "WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE" is a story that perhaps might not find a sympathetic zine publisher today. The Enterprise has drawn the assignment of delivering scientists to the planet of the Guardian of Forever. The ship orbits above, and Kirk and Spock have become lovers. After making love, Kirk tells Spock about his first sexual encounter, and Spock feeling jealous, wishes silently and painfully that he could have been Kirk's first lover as Kirk had been for him. That night he dreams he goes back in time and fulfills his wish. Of course, you're way ahead of me here, and the dream becomes reality. He has been sleepwalking, walked right through the Guardian and back into Kirk's youth at a pivotal moment in the future captain's life. I really don't want to give any more of the plot away except to say that nothing turns out as Spock expects it to. [3]


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