When Brass Turned to Gold

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Title: When Brass Turned to Gold
Publisher: Politically ImpeRfect Press
Author(s): Rachelle S.
Cover Artist(s): Chris Myers
Illustrator(s): Marilyn Johansen
Rachelle S.
Chris Myers
Date(s): February 1986
Medium: print
Fandom: Magnum P.I./Tales of the Gold Monkey
Language: English
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cover by Chris Myers
a 1985 flyer
another 1985 flyer

When Brass Turned to Gold is a gen 81-page Magnum P.I./Tales of the Gold Monkey novel by Rachelle S. B&W cover and interiors by Chris Myers. Additional interiors Marilyn Johansen, book decorations by Rachelle S..


When Jake Cutter's daughter Naomi, a famous author, announces her plans for a biography of her pilot father, someone tries to interfere. She hires Magnum to solve the mystery, but they discover there are bigger mysteries than they suspected, including what links Thomas and Naomi. Is the Gold Monkey still out there, and what secrets can be learned from Jake Cutter's diary? [1]
A simple case of harrassment turns deadly for Thomas Magnum when Naomi Forrest hires him to find out who is trying to stop her from writing a book about her father, former pilot and adventurer Jake Cutter. Magnum is convinced the clues he needs are in Jake's journals which he starts to read, and soon he finds himself, and his friends, embroiled in a quest for an ancient, fabled treasure someone would kill for. A story for anyone who has ever wondered about the similarities between the two shows, such as the use of aircraft, some of the same actors, and similarities.in the backgrounds of the two heroes.


  • Brass Tacks, editorial (1)
  • Part 1: Golden Memories (1)
  • Part 2: Brass Ornaments (32)
  • Part 3: Gold Nuggets (65)
  • Epilogue: When Brass Turned to Gold (78)


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