What Happens on the Holodeck, Stays on the Holodeck

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Name: What Happens on the Holodeck, Stays on the Holodeck, WHOTHSOTH
Date(s): March 13, 2016 -
Moderator: Zachary Wayne
Founder: Zachary Wayne
Type: Public Facebook page
Fandom: Star Trek
URL: facebook.com/WHOTHSOTH
A screencapture of the page from July 2020.
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An example of typical content for the page.

What Happens on the Holodeck, Stays on the Holodeck is a very popular facebook page devoted to Star Trek fandom. Most of the page is memes, but the content shared sometimes includes reviews of Trek episodes or films, fanart, or meta videos from YouTube. As of June 2020, the page has over 78 thousand "likes". Facebook users can submit their own content to the page.

While there is a focus on sharing some level of transformative content, the culture of the page isn't very focused on the fanfiction or slash shipping segments of the Star Trek fandom. The page often shares lighthearted and humorous posts, but also focuses on the underlying politics and ethos of the Trek franchise.

In Zachary Wayne's own words:

"Star Trek fun. Embracing all timelines, realities, and alternate universes. Including Star Trek news, Star Trek actor news, and a helping of well placed political satire that is Star Trek related."[1]


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