What Do You See?

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Title: What Do You See?
Author(s): Barbara T
Date(s): not dated, likely around 1995
Fandom(s): Babylon 5
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What Do You See? is a 201-page Babylon 5 novel written by Barbara T.

It is unclear if the story was ever posted online, however a printed and bound copy of the novel can be found in the Escapade Fanzine Library.

From the author's notes:

This is a fan-written novel based primarily on Babylon 5 with some elements of the anime, Rose of Versailles (Berusayu no Bara). B5 background is important to the story, but RoV background is ancillary. For B5, there are spoilers for quote divided loyalties and quote and parts of the third and fourth season. Warnings (if anyone cares ), f/f sex, alien sex, telepathy, gender confusion. This story is, however, mostly canonical within B5.