We Salute You

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Title: We Salute You
Editor(s): Pixie (@pixiedane), Réka (@caressyouintodarkness)
Type: anthology
Date(s): 2018
Medium: print, PDF
Size: 68 pages, 7.75x9.75
Fandom: Star Trek: Discovery
Language: English
External Links: Tumblr
We Salute You.png
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We Salute You is a Jayne Brook fanbook primarily inspired by her role as Admiral Katrina Cornwell in Star Trek: Discovery. The free PDF can be downloaded here.


We Salute You, the collaborative Jayne Brook fanbook is finally done and waiting to be handed over to her tomorrow at Destination Birmingham!

Once the book has been given to Jayne tomorrow, we will also post the .pdf for all of you to enjoy! The book is 7.75x9.75 inches (20x25 cm) and 68 pages, hard cover. I think the quality looks great, we hope you will all like the layout as well - and we hope Jayne will be delighted to receive it!

Thank you all, for all your contributions, to the book and beyond. Thank you to those who signal boosted this (and kept signal boosting at all turns), and thanks to those of you as well who did not contribute but keep the fan community alive with your art and theorizing. We are so happy to be on this journey with all of you.