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Title: Walking the Line (series)
Author(s): xf stew and Ainsley Wallace
Date(s): some were posted to alt.tv.x-files.creative in 1997, all others were posted to the Scully Slash Archive in 1998
Genre: Scully/original female character
Fandom: X-Files
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The Walking the Line series is by xf stew (alone), xf-stew and Ainsley Wallace, and by Ainsley Wallace (alone).

It is a Scully/Other fic with an original character named "Anne Kazmerowski (Kaz). Many fans refer to it as "the watermark of all Scully slash."

The first part won a 1997 Whammy Award for Best Scully Slash.

The Series

  • Walking the Line I by xf stew("Scully strikes up a friendship with an intriguing young woman. Lieutenant Commander Anne Kazmerowski of the US Navy is smart, witty, talented, and extremely attractive. Scully finds herself drawn to Kaz, and experiencing powerful feelings she's never dealt with before. What is she going to tell Mulder... or her mother?")
  • Fight the Fantasy by xf stew ("Kaz and Scully spend a nice Saturday afternoon discussing stereo manuals, societal labelling, the Indigo Girls, and a really icky dream about something that could just *never* happen.")
  • Miracles by Ainsley Wallace ("The cancer is back.")
  • The Second Noel by Ainsley Wallace ("Kaz and Scully share their second Christmas together.")
  • Trust Someone by Ainsley Wallace and xf-stew ("Scully and Kaz take their love and trust to another level in this short tale.")

Author's Introduction to the First Part

Summary: Scully meets a nice Naval Officer. The inevitable disclaimer: The characters of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder do not belong to me, they are regulars on a television show called the X-Files. Perhaps you've heard of it? Anyway, they were created by this guy named Chris Carter and they belong to him. He's the one making all the money from them, not me. I am borrowing them without permission for non-commercial use. However, I'm fairly certain Mr. Carter himself wouldn't be caught dead using them this way! Heh, heh, heh...

Also, lyrics from the song "Frying Pan" were written by Victoria Williams and performed by Evan Dando on a CD titled "Sweet Relief." These lyrics were also used without permission.

Note from the author: This takes place somewhere near the beginning of the fourth season, and you may notice it is set in December. However, it doesn't follow the timeline of the show with perfect accuracy. I've only set it when I did because I love the holiday season. I say it's fourth season because there are references to Quagmire and Jose Chung, both third season episodes. This story, to quote our former president George Bush, is a "kinder, gentler" X-Files. The reader may note the almost complete absence of angst, which was done on purpose because its author was wading in a sea of angst while in the midst of writing her next "Trinity" story (which, in case you care, is called "Visions," has angst-galore, and will hopefully be coming out before Christmas). This is something I came up with as a break from those angst-driven stories, and is just a sappy romance...of a different sort.

**I live for feedback on my stories and would love some on this one. It's my first foray into any type of romantic story, and my first foray into (gulp) slash. [1]

Reactions and Reviews

hi out there writers and readers- does anyone know if there have been any walking the line stories from Xf-stew or ainsley wallace recently? last i read was "miracles" and the ones about the blindfold and putting the stereo up. I have looked everywhere I can think of but cannot find a website that has any new works with this storyline. I really enjoy the character kaz and the relationship with scully. Great Stuff!! [2]
Romantic as all get out. Much of it is angst free. Great tie-ins to the episodes sometimes. I wish she would write more in this series. [3]

actually, that brings up a discussion I've had with a few authors - the problem of having to actually CREATE a new character vs Mulder slash where you already have pre-fab men there and just need to work with them... so to speak... ;-)

(blatant plug here, so be warned...)

what I enjoy most about XF Stew's Kaz character is that she is a full 3-D character created from scratch; with all the details needed to make her as believable as Skinner or Krycek or any of the others on the show proper - and then that makes the story work a lot better than the anonymous woman which I saw a lot of in the beginning of Scully slash...

(and I'm talking about Walking the Line - go with all due haste to the Annex or Gossamer to find this if you want to read the best new fanfic character around...)

*resonding smack to the back of the head from someone standing behind her...* uh... new fanfic character lately... really...

anyway, I'm glad to see more Scully slash around myself - it's about time the woman got some on the same intensity as Mulder... which I do like to read as well...

gryn... [4]

Well, [Kaz is] not a recurring character, but "Walking the Line" (all 4 parts of it,) is perhaps the best of ScullySlash that I've read, and I'm not really a slasher.

Great series. The...er..."good parts" are GREAT, according to a few lesbian friends. Very "True to life" I was told. Being a man...

Ah, nevermind.

You know what I mean. "Walking the Line" is available on Gossamer. They're long -- but goooooood to the last...er, drop.

Daws [5]
As a reasonably straight (but not narrow) guy, I will say that to ME, most slash is unappealing. And that includes ScullySlash, with the notable exception of "Walking the Line." For some reason, despite the plotline, it doesn't feel slashesque to me. [6]

Fics Inspired by "Walking the Line" Series

  • Learning to Breathe by vegawriter ("Dedication: Thirteen years ago, I fell in love with a character. Not Dana Scully so much but Anne Kazmerowski, a beautifully written original character who seemed to complete Scully in ways Mulder didn’t for me at the time. In fact, the two of them together helped to bring me out of the closet. In the years since, I’ve thought about including Kaz in stories, in honor of the author who created her, but I’ve never done her justice. This story helps me do that and I make references to happenings in each of the stories, including Scully's second bout with cancer and the adorable Brandi. It’s a slight canon change – mostly the lack of a baby for Mulder and Scully. Kaz can be found in the Walking the Line series which is still up in its entirety at the ScullySlash archive. (Links to the first story and the ScullySlash home page.") (August 7, 2010)


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