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Title: MuggleCast
Created by: Hostwich Bess
Date(s): 2020-present
Focus: wizard rock, music
Fandom: Harry Potter
External Links: Website

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WZRD Radio Podcast is an online radio show released in the form of a podcast about the wizard rock community, created and managed by Hostwich Bess.


An announcement about the podcast came from the Wizrocklopedia Twitter account on 8 Nov 2019[1], bringing attention to the show and encouraging bands to grant permission for their music to be played on the show.

The first episode was released on 1 March 2020[2].


Initially planned as a monthly podcast, it quickly moved to twice-monthly episodes, with episode 3.5 released on 15 May 2020, featuring an interview with Tonks and the Aurors[3] The show has followed a bimonthly alternating traditional and interview format episode ever since, with occasional special episodes released in addition.

On the first day of each month, a traditional episode is played with the music interspersed by segments such as the Wandoscope (a horoscope prediction based on one’s wand wood) and Upcoming Events (announcements about real-life and online Harry Potter events coming up soon). The songs played in these episodes are chosen according to a secret theme, and listeners are encouraged to guess what the theme is. Winners usually receive a download code for a particular wizard rock album.

On the 15th of each month, music is interspersed by a recorded interview with a member of the wizard rock community. Past interviewees include Swish and Flick, The Lovegoods, How Airplanes Fly, and Totally Knuts.

Community Contributions

WZRD Radio uses a number of methods to contribute ethically to the Harry Potter fandom.

Their website started a #WZRDPinkiePromise to encourage fans to make a public statement against J.K. Rowling’s anti-trans sentiments and never financially support any properties that would directly benefit her.

Each episode is presented with a transcript of the non-musical portions of the episode, including links to download the music and lyrics to each song when available.

WZRD Radio also partners with the Yes All Witches grant, so any money excess earned from the Patreon that does not go toward the running of the podcast will be sent to the grant.

April Fool’s Day

Hostwitch Bess has made a tradition of switching the podcast to a different language on April Fool’s Day every year. There was no April Fool’s Day joke on 2020, as that show’s second episode.


In the 1 April 2021 episode, Hostwitch Bess was replaced by Li of Pussycat Dolores and all non-musical portions of the episode were spoken in Swedish. The transcript remained in English so that non-Swedish-speaking listeners could still access the announcements.


In the 1 April 2022 episode, Hostwitch bess was replaced by the hosts of the Spanish language ButterBeer Talks podcasts, and all non-musical portions of the episode were spoken in Spanish. The transcript remained in English so that non-Spanish-speaking listeners could still access the announcements.