Who Was That Monolith I Saw You With?

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Title: Who Was That Monolith I Saw You With?
Publisher: Michael Goodwin
Type: comic strip, fancomic
Date(s): 1976
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Who Was That Monolith I Saw You With? is a Star Trek: TOS comic strip fanzine written and published by Michael Goodwin. It is unclear if this was a licensed book or a fan publication. It was the first of two comic strip books. The other is Son of Monolith.

Reactions and Reviews

Online reviews:

Michael Goodwin combines a marvelous wit with faster-than-light "Peanuts" type of humor. His daily comic strip combines sophistication with high professional technique … He's great! -Robert Heinlein, distinguished SF author

It gets funnier with every reading. A must for science fiction fans! - Frank Kelly Freas, Dean of SF artists

I was very impressed both the delightful style in which Michael Goodwin portrays the mis-adventures of the crew of the Starship Enterprise, and the poignant satire used in these clever cartoons. - Susan Sackett, Assistant to Gene Roddenberry, STARLOG columnist

I found the book to maintain its level of humor throughout, rather than palling as I had expected … (it) is a nice additional purchase for anyone interest in sf humor (always a rarity), and for libraries or classrooms catering to a demand for contemporary sf TV-related material. -Frederick Patten, Delap's F&SF Review