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Pairing: Voldemort/Daiyu(伏黛)
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Fandom: Harry Potter / 紅樓夢 - 曹雪芹 (Dream of the Red Chamber)
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Voldemort/Daiyu(伏黛) is a crossover ship between Voldemort from Harry Potter and Daiyu from Dream of the Red Chamber by Cáo Xuěqín.

Origin and history largely based on the post Voldemort/Daiyu Ship Public Page(伏黛CP主页君)'s posted on March 12, 2017

Origin of the ship

In 2011, after losing a bet to a friend, two authors wrote a fanfiction featuring Voldemort/Daiyu because of a draw. This is the first work in this ship-《来自远方为你葬花》. The work was posted on jjwxc.net. August 26th, 2015, a fusion fan video was created by Xuanyuan(轩辕) on Bilibili, 《你问我爱你有多深》, and more videos were created afterwards.

Gaining popularity from 2016 onwards

  • 2016 saw a surge in fan videos in the Voldemort/Daiyu ship.
  • March 26th, 《倾尽天下》 by 歌喵, the first installment of a Voldemort/Daiyu pentalogy was created
  • The sequels, 《天下无双》 by 风少 was published on April 11th, 《弱水三千》 on April 30th by 轩辕, 《可念不可说》by 狸言 on May 2nd, and the final installment, 《光棍》by 菲歌依旧 was published on July 17th.
  • The videos enjoyed over hundreds of thousands views and attracted more fans.
  • On November 16th, an account dedicated to the ship was created.
  • More fanworks followed the popularity of the ship.
  • On March 12th, 2017, the Voldemort/Daiyu supertopic page was created.