Video Game Challenge

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Name: Video Game Challenge
Date(s): 2014 - present
Founder: asheliah
Type: gif sets, meta, fan edits
Fandom: Multifandom
Associated Community:
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The Video Game Challenge was a challenge where creators showed their appreciation for video game fandom by creating fanworks about some of their favorite aspects of the games. The challenge was created by Tumblr blog asheliah, it seems to first appear sometime in 2014. It has gone on to spawn many variants. Unlike other challenges, that have restrictions, this challenge was open to anyone and could be completed when ever was convenient for the participant.

Screen capture of tumblr post about the Video Game Challenge from a deactivated original account


  • video games
  • pre/sequels
  • female characters
  • male characters
  • pairings (canon or your otp)
  • friendships
  • soundtracks
  • quotes
  • heartbreaking scenes/moments
  • heartwarming scenes/moments
  • character deaths
  • character archetypes / alternatively: factions
  • sceneries