Vidder Profile Spotlight: AbsoluteDestiny

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Vidder Profile Spotlight: AbsoluteDestiny
Interviewee: AbsoluteDestiny
Date(s): December 26, 2009
Medium: online
Fandom(s): vidding
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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AbsoluteDestiny was interviewed in 2009 for Vidder Profile. The interview was directed by bradcpu.

"In it, he talks about AMV and live action communities, his approach to tech problems, his influences, and how audience expectations have affected him."

The profile includes excerpts from the following vids (in order of appearance):

  • "Deep Kick" (15), October 2007
  • "Shameless Rock Video" (FLCL) Anime Weekend Atlanta 7
  • "Road To Iron Chef" (Original drawings by Big Big Truck) Anime Weekend Atlanta 8
  • "Rodeohead" (Firefly) VVC 2007
  • "Thinking of You" (Lord of the Rings) Aug. 2005
  • "There Is Too Much Light In This Bar" (Life On Mars) VVC 2006
  • "Arima Shinjikun" (Neon Genesis Evangelion, His and Her Circumstances) Anime Weekend Atlanta 7
  • "DDR Project 5th Mix: Rhythm snd Police" (Akira - collaboration with Gambitt) Anime Weekend Atlanta 9
  • "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies" (Old Boy) Nov. 2004
  • "Burn" (Shiki-Jitsu) June 2003
  • "I Wish I Was A Lesbian" (Multi) Anime Weekend Atlanta 8 (shown at VVC 2004)
  • "I Enjoy Being A Girl" (Multi) VVC 2006
  • "Revenge" (Multi) VVC 2005
  • "Realize" (Dead Or Alive 2) Oct. 2004
  • "Heart of Funkness" (Apocalypse Now) VVC 2006
  • "Gold Digger" (Gone With the Wind) VVC 2007