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Name/s: El, L, anacaoris, Tanama
Fandom/s: transcended the need for permanent fandoms and instead hop from one hyper-fixation to the next
You can find me at: anacaoris on Tumblr and AO3
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el, ‘99. she / they 📍 puerto rico. bilingual : spanish + english. sporadically active in fandoms. eternally stupid.

donate to ao3! Wannabee fandom historian. Mostly here to fix typos and stubs on pages about preferred fandoms. Have been described “a true idiot child”, “an actual mess” and “the reason why we can't have nice things”. Yes, I have been in fandom since I was 8; no, I have not developed a sense of shame deep enough to pull me out of the hellish landscape that is the internet.

Major Contributions