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Name/s: Shirasade / Evamaria
Fandom/s: The Untamed, various mostly Thai Boys Love shows, Shadowhunters, MCU, Bandom, Lotrips, Lord of the Rings, popslash, Professionals - dabbling in many others
You can find me at: AO3, Tumblr, Dreamwidth, Pillowfort, Website collective, Mastodon, Non-fannish domain
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I've been in online fandom since 2001, after writing horrible Mary Sue fics in German (I'm from the German-speaking part of Switzerland) all through my teens, and haven't looked back since. The progression from het to mainly slash happened fast, as if I'd been waiting for it. RPS was never an issue for me - again, my Mary Sue past led the way - and I played quite happily mainly in the Backstreet corner of popslash for a couple of years.

Then the Lord of the Rings movies happened, and I discovered my inner pervy hobbit fancier. I also started to seriously play on LiveJournal, leaving behind Yahoo! Groups. The combination of fannish and personal journals/communities made it easy to form real friendships, some of which have lasted for years by now, despite shifting interests. For example in 2008 I fell headfirst into bandom, after resisting valiantly for a couple of years, but although only a small part of my flist shared my intense love for Patrick Stump and Fall Out Boy, I only lost a couple of people over this new obsession. (Btw, I'm an OTP person - I usually fall in love with BFF pairings, all the way from Howie/AJ over Bodie/Doyle, Merry/Pippin and Billy/Dom to Pete/Patrick, Steve/Bucky, Jace/Alec and Wei Wuxian/Lan Wangji. I'm also a huge fan of warm fuzzies and happy endings. *g*)

To me that's the beauty of online fandom - real affection and people that share not just your fannishness but also stay with you through thick and thin (in my case a struggle with clinical depression).

On a less sappy note, I've also always been intent on participating actively - not just reading, commenting and writing, but also through fic challenges like the LotR Secret Santa, several Jalec fic exchanges and by offering free hosting on I also ran my own fanfiction archives pretty much right from the start and created, a fansite for all things Billy/Dom in Lotrips fandom (although I moved the fic archive to AO3 using Open_Doors. Late 2018 I also started a podcast in which I interview fans about their OTPs, called The Shipping (Pod)Cast.

I've also been part of the German translator team for the OTW since 2008 - and along these lines any of my work is open to further transformation, including but not limited to podfic, remix, and commentary. Just credit me for my part and let me know when you post! <3 (Wording shamelessly gacked from User:Jinjurly's example.)