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Name/s: Quinara
Fandom/s: Buffyverse, Dollhouse, Various Odds and Ends
You can find me at: LJ, DW, AO3
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I've been around for a relatively long time as far as Buffy fandom goes (I believe I first broached in either late 2000 or early-ish 2001), but otherwise I'm mostly a n00b who potters around writing fic and creating the odd community when it seems sensible. I have a taste for overly-tight third-person POV and weird gimmicks such as untranslated Latin dialogue and making my post-NFA epic literally so. (There is, indeed, a Classics theme there that isn't particularly well-hidden...)

Buffy and Spuffy take up pretty much all of my fannish time (though Dollhouse is possibly becoming more than a distraction), but like the rest of the world I've always known far more Harry Potter trivia than necessary and know most of the soundtracks for Final Fantasy VIII and IX by song-title. I ship Hamlet/Ophelia unrepentantly.

Oh, and I'm from the UK. Up with confusing swear-words!