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Name/s: Q, AnarchicQ, SailorAnubis
Fandom/s: Marvel comics, Poison Elves, The Maxx, Hellsing, Sailor Moon, X-Men, Heroes, Silent Hill, Devil Hunter Yohko, Bleach, Flight of Dragons, Boogiepop Phantom, GANTZ, Muppets, AEon Flux, Metalocalypse, Gargoyles, Alice Cooper and Repo! The Genetic Opera.
You can find me at: Silent Hill Fanfiction Archive, Livejournal
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I've been in fandom since forever, ever since I pretended I was a Flight of Dragons dragon, or a Gelfling. But I got into fandom in about 1994 when I stumbled upon Gargoyles and X-Men fanart and fanfiction. I decided that I could do that stuff too. I've been ficcing and arting and vidding ever since.

I write fanfiction for various fandoms, which can be found in various archives, including: Silent Hill Fanfiction Archive and Repo! The Genetic Archive, both of which I am the founder of., AO3 and

My most well received work of fan fiction seems to be Story's End, a Silent Hill story involving an original character's journey through a mental institution.

My most well known original character is a dark Sailor Senshi from Sailor Moon known as Sailor Anubis

I am an active fanartist, with works ranging from Devil Hunter Yohko[1], Sailor Moon[2] [3] [4], The Dark Crystal[5], X-Men[6] [7] [8], The Maxx[9] [10] [11], Battle Angel Alita[12] [13] [14], Hellsing [15] and Silent Hill[16] [17] [18] [19].

My best known piece of fanart seems to be Repo! Blind Mag. It used to be Fix It A Silent Hill drawing which features Angela Orosco and Walter Sullivan.

Finally, I make AMVs of Silent Hill, and other fandoms, which can be found at My YouTube channel.

If I've kept you interested this long, here's some other places to find me.