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Name/s: Melina
Fandom/s: Torchwood, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Highlander
You can find me at:,,,,
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I've been puttering around fandom since late 1997, although I can date my fannish tendencies much farther back. I tripped into Highlander -- and slash -- fandom with a (perfectly innocent! I swear) web search for more information about the show. I found the HLX page and the ROG-L list, and the rest is history fanlore.

I tend to add fandoms, and while I become less obsessive about the older ones, I never really leave them behind. Highlander was my main fandom until 2002/2003, when Lord of the Rings took over; since early 2007, it's been Torchwood and Doctor Who.

I moderate three LJ communities -- Kindledfans, Vintagemilitary, and Thetudors (LJ comm).

I write a little and vid a little. Currently, I was a founding member of the Organization for Transformative Works Wiki Committee (currently a Gardener), and I've been on Vividcon's concom since 2003.

I give blanket permission to podfic my work. I would very much like to be told if you do so!