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Femslash is universally more scarce than any other type of fic, including gen. Accordingly femslash-rich fandoms are somewhat notable as such.

Types of femslash fandom:

  • Canonical f/f pairing (Bo/Lauren from Lost Girl, Callie/Arizona from Grey's Anatomy, Cosima/Delphine from Orphan Black, many others)
  • Female protagonist(s)
    • One female protagonist will generally not spur a femslash fandom, because a majority of texts with a female protagonist will still show her interacting primarily with male secondary characters (too many examples to count)
    • Two female protagonists (Rissoli & Isles)
    • Female protagonist and best friend (Xena/Gabrielle from Xena Warrior Princess)
    • Female protagonist and archnemesis ("Swan Queen" from Once Upon a Time)
    • Majority female cast (Orange Is the New Black, Birds of Prey)
  • M/f/f love triangle with or without the male angle (usually without due to the prevalence of monoshipping over polyshipping)
    • This is difficult to pull off as usually the two female wings interact too little
  • Two major female characters (supporting or in ensemble)
    • Best friends (Harley/Ivy in various DC and/or Batman fandoms)
    • Arch enemies
    • Interacting with each other at all!
      • Especially if not involved in a love triangle
  • Childhood classics where girls-as-best-friends is the rule rather than the exception (Anne/Diana in Anne of the Green Gables and many others)

A sufficiently large cast, especially in book, comics or animates canons, will generally spur a profusion of minor femslash pairings between minor characters, but will usually not create an overwhelming femslash fandom, unless a pairing gains unusual momentum.